The best PS5 accessories

If you already own a PlayStation 5 (PS5) or are planning to get one in the near future, there are a few add-ons and accessories that I believe will make your experience with the console more enjoyable.

SSD With Heatsink

Even though it isn’t technically an accessory, an internal m.2 solid-state drive (SSD) equipped with a heat sink could help maintain performance in the event that you ever decide to add more storage space to your PS5.

Charging Dock

Docking your DualSense wireless controllers is a simple and quick process, regardless of whether you use the official dock or not. This ensures that you are always prepared to compete against your friends in a two-player game.

Wireless Earbuds

The use of earbuds while gaming has, in recent times, been shown to improve the overall gaming experience.PlayStation earbuds promised to deliver lossless audio for PS5 and PC gaming when they were announced at the 2023 PS Showcase; Razer also has an earbud that gives a similar experience. 

Speciality controllers 

Play station controllers

These are the Racing wheels and the T.flying Hotas 4 flying stick, and they boost the immersiveness of various racing and flight games in a way that the standard twin shock controllers cannot.

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