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Android 14 features to expect in Samsung One UI 6.0

One UI 6, based on Android 14, has, as expected, come with many new features and improvements. This significant update, based on Android 14, brings several excellent accessibility features that have been integrated into One UI 6. The following is a list of some of the main features that will be included in the new operating system from Samsung Mobile:

RAM Management Fix

Google announced in a blog post that Android 14 will loosen foreground and background process limits. The technology giant is partnering with Samsung to improve background app reliability on Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI 6.0 based on Android 14.

Screentime You can see how long your smartphone was kept ON since the last charge with the update.

Battery Improvement

Android 14 boosts battery life. The Battery UI now shows additional status information, and also, with Android 14, new battery-saver features reduce battery usage.


With the new version of One UI 6, you can now check how long your phone has been on since you last charged it.

Privacy Controls

The ‘Security and Privacy’ section has also undergone several changes and improvements with enhanced safety together with further polish at the system level.

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