How to spot OMG Cable and a regular cable

Wellllllll😏I am not endorsing anything 🙃I am just saying.

O.MG PLus USB Cable
Photo by Hak5
  • The OM.G Cable looks very similar to Apple’s cable from a distance.
  • There is no notch in Apple’s cable. Apple’s cables don’t have any kind of horizontal mark on them.
  • Apple’s Communication pins that are thinner

The pins on the Apple cable are thinner than those on the OM.G cable.The thicker pins on the OM.G Cable may be because the concealed components need more power from the cable.

  • The back looks different also

If you turn the cables over, you’ll see that the back of the OM.G Cable also has a small notch, just like the front. On the back of the OM.G Cable, we can’t see the seam in the metal like most regular cables.

On the side, we can see that the OM.G Cable does have a seam.
This is probably because the way the OM.G Cable is put together is different because of the different parts inside.

All Images used in this post were provided by Jacob Mehnert.

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