How To Spot Fake Apple Airpods

iPhone and AirPods Pro
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I know it sounds strange, but the scent is the first thing to look for; fake AirPods have almost no scent, whereas original ones have a scent similar to premium nail polish or blueberries.

Well below are also points to take to easily spot fake AirPods:

  • Check the packaging
  • Check the serial number

You don’t even need to unpack the device; simply check the serial number. This is located on the packaging and can be entered into the Apple website. If you don’t have the packaging, the serial number is on the right side of the charging case for our AirPods Pro. You may need a magnifying glass to read it. Alternatively Open Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone and tap the Info button beside your AirPods to see your serial number. This rarely works because some fake airpods have perfected the art of faking serial numbers.

  • Check the accessories
  • Check Airpods Charging Port

If the charging cable for the AirPods does not easily fit into the port, it is very likely a fake.

  • Use A Third-party App

Use an app like 3utools to check if the airpods are fake; it has one of the highest success rates; however, the package must be opened first.

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